Observations from Tranquility Base

A boy takes flight, flapping his
wings of wax, caring not
for the cries of his father, soaring high
into radiant beams,
unmoored in an ocean of sunlight.

Attention mechanisms click into divine understanding,
God does not forgive idolatry,
for what becomes of divinity when it reveals itself in icons?

Query, key, value,
matrices hallucinating,
let epsilon be the difference,
take the limit until you disappear,
backpropagate your dreams and fears,
fit the curve,
what remains?

Our fractured minds grasp for meaning.
An empire turned to sand,
its territory no longer precedes its map,
nor survives it.
Seeds of unreality planted in our broken gardens –
perfect fruit blooming from the rotting soil,
saccharine flesh sweeter than sugar,
the desert of the real itself.

She ate mayonnaise from a jar,
I thought she was so pretty.